Dennis J. Muleady - Advance Beverage Company

To whom it may concern,

As the Marketing Director for the Advance Beverage Company, it has been my pleasure to work behind the scenes with Starstruck Entertainment Services. My brand imagery is most important to me and how they are represented at special events is paramount to their success.

Starstruck Entertainment manages our Budweiser Pavilion at the Great Kern County Fair. This annual 12 day sponsorship impacts nearly 400,000 people and there can be no room for mistakes. The Bud Pavilion is our largest single sponsorship annually and I am happy to acknowledge that is in good hands with Starstruck running the front and back of the house.

It has been my pleasure to know Marcus Johnson, Ed Gaither and Frank Hernandez in a professional capacity for many years. Their honesty and commitment to professionalism is a rare trait that assuredly will meet your highest standards. Their eye for details and the little things tat set them appart will delight you. Their handling of talent, even the difficult ones, will ensure a smooth performance and ultimately your success.

Whether it's production, security or talent acquisition, I can say without hesitation that Starstruck Entertainment Services is a confident and logical choice for your upcoming needs.


Dennis J. Muleady
Marketing Director
Advance Beverage Company