Squeaky Geeks is an entertainment and special event refuse management and janitorial services company. When it comes to any special event or live entertainment the cleanliness of a facility or grounds is a direct reflection and sets the tone for how the guest perceives that venue or event - YOUR EVENT. Squeaky Geeks doesn’t make the process of cleaning or removal of trash the center of attention while the event is underway. As an event planner you should focus on running the show or event and let us handle the dirty work. If it is a multiple-day event, we can also consult on a layout plan for on-going daily events for trash management. In most special events, particularly dealing with outdoor events requiring temporary toilet facilities (port- a -potties), no one takes into consideration cleaning the temporary facilities. In most cases they are dropped off and picked up or serviced the following day. What about DURING THE EVENT? Squeaky Geeks will make sure those temporary toilet facilities remain in a clean and sanitary during your event ensuring that your guests and attendees feel respected in the most personal spaces. Our team is also trained in how to properly clean and dispose of accidental human and chemical bio-hazard clean-ups. Squeaky Geeks will handle those clean-ups in a professional and non-obtrusive manner. Squeaky Geeks can handle operations for fairs, festivals, arenas, parks, movie theaters, and special party events. Don’t get one those regular office cleaners. Get the event clean-up specialist Squeaky Geeks. Squeaky CLEAN IT !!!