Standing -O- Security (PPO # 16821) is founded on the principles of legality, dedication and professionalism. We, at Starstruck Entertainment Services LLC (SES) have made sure our security staff has and always will stand by these principles. Our security team is licensed by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs as a certified security business with certified employees. We take pride in following the law that was set out before us and have shown the professionalism and patience it takes to achieve such recognition.

Our security team is not only certified with state issued Guard Cards but we also have a number of officers with their first aid and CPR certificates as well. When these certified officers are on duty they act as first responders to aid event attendee's with medical emergencies. Our first act, when Standing O Security is hired for service, is to review the event from every angle. We provide our clients with overhead layouts showing personnel positions and important egress areas in case of emergencies. The security positions are laid out showing the coverage area of each position along with a supervisor to officer ratio. At all major events we'll have a roving team made up of one supervisor and up to five officers. The roving team patrols inside the event as well as the outer perimeter to prevent unforeseen problems. Other duties include the response team, which assist the posted officer with problems in their area and will escort attendees out of the venue due to unruly behaviour. Standing O Security carries all the required licenses and insurance to legally operate as a security company, ensuring that you and your events may be protected.