Standing Ovations Services provides ancillary guest support services for your event and entertainment needs. From ticket takers to beverage servers, ushers to parking attendants, SOS understands that the guest experience begins the moment they arrive. SOS offers superior guest services, including:


Ticket Takers:

In all key positions where a ticket or credential would be required, we assure you that our staff will be able to efficiently respond to the needs of your event in the most timely and professional manner.


Alcohol Servers:

S.O.S. provides experienced and trained alcohol servers for your beer and wine sales. Staff is trained through A.B.C. (Alcohol Beverage Control) as well as in-house company training programs to identify alcohol abuse. We also carry contingency liquor liability insurance.



More than just ushers we like to call them event servants. Finding the restrooms or seating area or beer gardens can sometimes be a challenge. With our ushering team and supervisors we can assure that your guests and attendees will be well informed. We will do it with a smile, attentiveness and professionalism. Our staff doesn’t point where to go and give direction,we escort and serve....


I.D. Checkers:

We can provide this service when you are having a large crowd at an event where alcohol will be served. Taking precious sales time by having to I.D. patrons or guests, at the time of your alcohol sales can slow the line and irritate your guests. An investment in this service could literally save hundreds of dollars in a short time. We can make certain each person is properly I.D’d. and not intoxicated at the time of reviewing the I.D’d. . . This ensures that SOS remains integral in the alcohol management process.


Alcohol Sellers:

Having an accounting processes and systems in place is paramount for accurate control of alcohol sales. We provide personnel to sell various forms of credentials or tickets for alcohol purchase to maintain a systematic process to ensure that every drink poured is accounted for. In most cases, alcohol servers will not directly handle cash transactions.



Our personnel can be the warm welcome or greeting to your special event whether it is giving specific directions to various meeting locations, handing out programs, or information packets. This guest service adds to the experience for your event.