Making the decision to promote a concert can be a daunting task. Negotiating the best price for an act or artist, knowing how to turn your event into a profit making venture, and having a firm grasp on all of the intricacies that go in to a technical rider. This can all be very overwhelming to the uninitiated.

Welcome to Starlink Talent Acquisition. With over 50 combined years in the business, 300+ shows, festivals, and tours produced in all 50 states, along with Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan. Our staff has the knowledge, experience, and vision to turn your project in to a profitable point of return for your investment.

Our services include:

  • Customizing your event by securing the talent that enhances your event
  • Negotiating the contract with the best price and working within your budget
  • Creating a promotions and marketing campaign optimizing the best value for your needs
  • Ensuring that day of show, your event runs smoothly and effortlessly